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Terms & conditions


By accepting our terms and conditions by submitting the service request form, you undertake to pay if the service matter that you report incorrectly is not covered by a guarantee or is already covered by an existing service agreement.

The following charge applies depending on which priority level you have chosen in connection upon submitting the service request form. Pricing below refers to  started case and is binding if Mitru has initiated handling and troubleshooting.


Not urgent, within 30 days and / or subject to time - Start-up fee of SEK 500 per started case. Debiting then takes place on an ongoing basis at SEK 900 / hour.


Normal, within 7 working days - Start-up fee of 2,500 SEK is charged per case, then 1,250 SEK / hour will be added.


Urgent, 24 hours on weekdays between 08.00-17.00 - Start fee of 5,000 SEK is charged per case, thereafter an additional 1,500 SEK / hour.


Critical, within 8 hours every day (except Saturdays) - Start-up fee of 10,000 SEK is charged per case, thereafter 2,000 SEK / hour will be added.

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